Aquatic Plants

It's easier than ever to establish a lake "baseline" so you can monitor changes and respond with recommendations to improve water quality over time

Record sonar and GPS passively from Lowrance or Simrad sonar and upload to BioBase cloud servers. Detailed GIS maps of depth, aquatic vegetation abundance, and bottom hardness are created automatically.

Map any kind of waterbody from a coastal reef to a golf course pond (shown here).
Record sonar passively from your onboard Lowrance or Simrad device while traveling.
Upload your sonar to BioBase cloud servers to generate detailed bathymetry.
Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Cover and Biovolume.
And bottom hardness!
EcoSat: BioBase from Space

Semi-automated processing of high-resolution satellite images to map emergent floating and near-surface aquatic vegetation in wetlands and waterbodies greater than 25 kilometers squared.

Maps, Data, Reports, Organized in a Cloud Account

All interactive maps, processed data, and data reports are archived in an easy to browse dashboard.

Data reports are created automatically and available for sharing.

Before Vegetation Management
Invasive aquatic plants growing to the surface
After Vegetation Management
After a management intervention

By the end of this project we were collecting [EcoSound] data via navigation of the point-intercept grids that allowed rapid and relatively passive whole-bay mapping of SAV in each bay

There is significant promise for resource managers to incorporate this [EcoSound] technology to generate large-scale, low-cost maps of SAV distribution and abundance through time

Netherland and Jones 2015 - Lake and Reservoir Management

Assessment and Management Solutions

Monitor change in aquatic plant growth over time and the effects of invasive species.

View article published in the Journal of Aquatic Plant Management. View Article

Create polygons around an area of interest and generate local statistics like water volume or aquatic vegetation cover; Export Polygon Data and Outlines to a GPS file.

Automated Summary Reports of Bathymetric and Submerged Vegetation Attributes (EcoSound) and Total Classification Area (EcoSat)
Get a full ecosystem picture of both submerged and emergent vegetation by combining EcoSound and EcoSat Outputs
Verify Outputs with Trip Viewer
Your maps, sonar log (both broadband and structure channels), and data along your track are synced so you can verify and edit your outputs